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Home Cleanouts

A house doesn’t have to stay cluttered for long thanks to home cleanouts from Junk Express.


Residential Junk Clearing Services

Cleaning out an entire house isn’t exactly easy work, so don’t tackle this enormous task alone! Instead, call on Junk
Express,because our full-service home cleanouts are exactly what you need. We’ll roll up in our truck, check out the junk you want gone, then haul it away.
Our strong, dependable team can handle a day of hard work.
We’ll haul away all your junk, then sweep up the floors, too.
Once we’re done, you’ll have a perfectly tidy, junk-free house!


Our residential junk removal helps homeowners and property managers declutter their houses, so when you’ve got junk all over your home, you know who to call.
If you’re in any of these scenarios, then we recommend home junk removal:
You’re preparing for a remodel or renovation and need to clear out a few rooms.
If you have to move soon, then you may need some helping hands to carry out the heavy stuff.
Or maybe you just want to get some «spring cleaning» done around the place!


Our clients have come to trust our cleanout services because our team can take all kinds of junk off your hands. That’s right… that includes the heavy stuff, too.
Some of what we haul includes…
Electronics and TVs
Bagged trash, general clutter, and more!
We recommend you see our full list of services if you want to see an even fuller list of what we can take off your hands. Long story short, if you’ve got it, then chances are, we can haul it!


From start to finish, here’s how your cleanout appointment will go:
Firstly, we’ll give you a courtesy call when we’re on the way so you know to expect us.
Then, upon our arrival, show us the junk you want hauled off, and we’ll give you an upfront quote.
This quote reflects the final price with all relevant fees made clear from the start, so sign off, and we’ll begin!
Our team works so fast, you’ll be blown away at how quickly we load up our truck with your junk.
Lastly, once we’re done, it’ll be time to settle up. Just pay the price you agreed to earlier, then we’re off.


If you’ve been disappointed by the junk removal franchises before, then give a local business a try! Junk Express is based in Cumming, GA, and we serve many locations in and around North Metro Atlanta. Our prices are fairer than the competition’s, too. It’s because we always quote you upfront!
We’re interested in serving our community, and we want to do it right, so expect us to work our tails off so you walk away impressed! In return for your business, you’ll get a tidy, clutter-free house, so what’s not to like?

Junk Removal near me

Junk Express is your hometown junk removal company! Whether you are in Roswell, Milton, or Alpharetta and need help with your junk, look further than Junk Express! Contact Junk Express now!